board games

Acorn Soup

ACORN SOUP Making Acorn Soup is easy as 1-2-3! The round box bottom doubles as a bowl, which contains wooden ingredients and a

Bunny Bedtime

BUNNY BEDTIME It’s time for bed, Bunny! Players roll a chunky die and move Bunny on the game path. Along the way, player

Monkey Around

MONKEY AROUND Get ready to get up and move! Monkey Around contains 40 cards that prompt players to do movements together ̵

Where’s Bear?

Where’s Bear? Where’s Bear? combines two favorite activities — stacking blocks and finding hidden objects &#

Sunny and Stormy Day!

SUNNY AND STORMY DAY! Sunny and Stormy Day! is three playful activities in one! A picture book, a cooperative game, and a shar


OUTFOXED! Mrs. Plumpert’s prized pot pie has gone missing and it’s now a chicken chase to crack the case! Move around the

Cauldron Quest

CAULDRON QUEST The evil wizard has cast a spell to destroy the kingdom! You have the power to create a potion to break the spe

Friends and Neighbors

FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS Friends and Neighbors is a matching game that focuses on emotions. Can players help a little girl who

The Fairy Game

THE FAIRY GAME Mr. Winter is trying to freeze over the fairies’ treasured flowers! Players match Fairy Cards to gather the h

Dinosaur Escape

DINOSAUR ESCAPE Three dinosaurs are lost in the ferns and a volcano is threatening to blow! Work together to move the dinosaur

Licensed Board Games for Discovery Bay Games

Gallop! The Game

GALLOP! THE GAME Which animal will win the race? Open the magical Scanimation door to see which animal will move on each round

Smithsonian Case of the Missing Mummy

SMITHSONIAN CASE OF THE MISSING MUMMY A Mummy is on the loose in the museum! Work together to decode secret messages, answer q

Highlights Match Patch

HIGHLIGHTS MATCH PATCH ‘Build out” and ”build up” in this Highlights Match Patch strategic tile-matchi

Highlights Silly Situations

HIGHLIGHTS SILLY SITUATIONS Inventing silly stories is half the fun with this Highlights Silly Situations Game. Can you make t

Highlights Buzz Blast

HIGHLIGHTS BUZZ BLAST This Highlights Buzz Blast game lets you play all of your favorite brain teaser games. Players take turn

Saturday Night Live – The Game

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE – THE GAME Saturday Night Live – The Game is the hilarious new party game featuring the best momen

Board Games for Cranium

Duck Duck 1-2-3

Puzzles Plus – Talk’n Tracks

Puzzles Plus – Seek & Find

Super Showdown

SUPER SHOWDOWN Who would win a pie-eating contest: a monkey with backup dancers or a leprechaun with a lightsaber? In Super Sh

Doodle Tales

DOODLE TALES Get your pencils ready for a game of creative and artistic fill-in-the-picture fun. In Cranium Doodle Tales, you

Wacky Words

WACKY WORDS “Dear Diary … Johnny is the dreamiest monkey I know. He makes me feel like doughnuts in the springtime.

Tune Twister

TUNE TWISTER In Tune Twister, players have a blast putting their own creative twists on familiar tunes like “Coming ‘Round

Ballpark Blast

Bloom – Let’s Play Neighborhood Sounds Bingo

BLOOM – LET’S PLAY NEIGHBORHOOD SOUNDS BINGO Let’s Play Neighborhood Sounds Bingo Game offers a new way to play

Bloom – Let’s Play Shop & Match

BLOOM – LET’S PLAY SHOP & MATCH Let’s Play Shop & Match Game invites preschoolers to share in the fun of

Bloom – Let’s Play Count & Cook

BLOOM – LET’S PLAY COUNT & COOK Cooking is magic. Grinning, giggling, I-can’t-believe-I-get-to-help magi

Bloom – Let’s Play Neighborhood Memory

LET’S PLAY NEIGHBORHOOD MEMORY Let’s Play Neighborhood Memory Game offers a twist on the classic memory game, with mem

Triple Triumph

TRIPLE TRIUMPH The super stacking strategy game strategizes and stacks to earn points with Triple Triumph. The new 3-D buildin

Cranium Playground

CRANIUM PLAYGROUND The most playful place to learn! Welcome to Cranium Playground, the preschool game that gets kids matching,

Cranium Family Fun Edition

CRANIUM FAMILY FUN EDITION Cranium Family Fun features a variety of hilarious activities that will have everyone laughing, hig

Cranium Pop 5

CRANIUM POP 5 Cranium Pop 5 is the outrageously fun party game where it’s not what you know, but how you show it in a hi


ZOOREKA If you could build very your own zoo, what would it look like? In Cranium Zooreka, you’ll create and build your


WHOONU You’ll have a blast getting to know your friends and family better as you discover and celebrate their favorite t


ZIGITY Cranium® Zigity™ is the exciting, smash-hit 4-in-1 card game packed with fun activities and outrageous twists and tu